Dear Friends,

On February 17 have welcomed a little human girl to our family, we are overjoyed with her , although she is a very demanding little girl as all little girls are and we are a bit delayed with our responses to the emails.

We ask that you are patient with us and we will try to respond in our usual timely fashion.

Please meet little Elizabeth Mitzi of Iron Claws.





Below are our available kittens. Enjoy the photos.




































We do have kittens coming up ready soon, please send us an email inquiry.

If you are interested in being added to our waiting list for the future kitten please send us an email or check back soon.

Our contact page is acting up please send emails to



Below you can see a little new born baby girl born to El Torro and Sundial  from earlier in the 2016.

This little girl is not for sale, but we thought everyone would enjoy seeing a photo of a new born maine coon kitten.

smudge baby

Below you can see photos of Thor  who is loved by Lara and Family.

Thor is tipping 18 KG , close to 40 pounds

He is an offspring of El Torro

The new born kitten is his full sister and she is not for sale.


lara and Thorr




lara and Thor