About us

Welcome to Iron Claws Cattery. We are a small cattery specializing only in Maine Coons.We value the wild look and the gentle personality of Maine coons.

Maine Coons are funny, loyal and love children and other animals and are great for getting into lots of mischief. They love water and are a welcome edition to any family. Our cats live in our home as part of our family and all our kittens are raised in the home to ensure that they are well adjusted,happy, healthy and have good temperaments.Known as the “gentle giants” of the cat world the Maine Coon is a very affectionate, loving yet independent cat. Coonies have a soft chirpy meow with a love of water and will play under a running tap. Maine Coons are very distinctive with large long strong bodies, lynx tips on the ears and a huge bushy tail, they come in all colors and coat patterns but do not have coloured points.

Our cattery is in our home where all our breeding cats are first and foremost our precious well loved pets who are all spoilt to bits. Born in our bedroom, our Maine Coons are home reared in a comfortable loving environment and they all have the run of the house as we do not believe in locking them up.Our goal is to breed healthy, beautiful kittens with sweet and loving personalities and to place our kittens in homes where they will receive the love and attention they deserve.We only feed them the best diet of quality dry food and a variety of raw meats.Our kittens are all raised inside with our family including small children, big children, small dogs and big dogs. They do spend part of the day in outside we have safe enclosures that are attached to the house so they get some fresh air and sunshine.

The health and temperament of our cats is very important to us.We take the health and welfare of our cats very seriously and consider these tests essential when breeding Maine Coons. Because of this we test our breeding cats for Hypartropic Cardio Myopathy (HCM) for Genetic predisposition; All of our cats are DNA tested for  HCM and SMA either by parentage or  have been individually tested and have the all clear before becoming breeders.

We have traveled the world to select the best bloodlines for our breeding program.We have only imported lines from several countries bringing in new and old bloodiness into Canada carefully selecting for bloodlines,personality,soundness, size and health and as a result our cats have size, substance and the WOW factor. We are breeding for quality not quantity.

Many thanks go out to Mitzy and Dave of CongoCoons for taking us under their wing and helping us on our way.

We are a closed Cattery and will breed with only our own to minimize any risk of diseases which insures us of producing healthy and good quality Maine Coon kittens .All of our cats are our pride and joy, very much loved and a very big part of our family and life.

We can arrange shipping around the world and welcome all genuine enquiries.