We accept Western Union/Moneygram wired money. You may choose to bank wire us the deposit. You can also pay with a postal money order. International customers must pay via Western Union/Money gram OR bank wire transfer.Please do not send a deposit without speaking with me first, and making me aware that a deposit is on the way. A $250 deposit is required to hold a kitten, and that deposit is non refundable in most cases. Deposits can be made several ways.

The balance due on your kitten MUST be received by the time the kitten is 7 weeks old or the kitten may be re-listed and your deposit is forfeited! Not complying with any of the above will make your kitten subject to re-listing. In addition, we do reserve the right to refuse to allow any of our kittens to be adopted by anyone we feel would not, for any reason, be able or willing to provide a good and loving home!

We do offer shipping from Vancouver airport. We do ship to other international countries and of course Canada wide, USA, China (Hong Kong), Japan and the UK and most European countries for additional fee. Shipping price will vary depending where the kitten is being shipped to.The shipping fee is not determined by us,its determined by the airline and its not  negotiable-so please don’t ask. If we ship two kittens in the same kennel , there will be one shipping fee for both kittens.(most airlines state that both kittens must be less than 6 months of age to ship together. We welcome folks to fly to pick up the kitten and we will go the extra mile to meet at the airport and adjust to your flight schedule.We will only ship the kitten when we feel he is ready to go. Please feel free to contact us for details and arrangements.

If you are considering purchasing a kitten from us, you have the following 2 options available to you. Please take the time to read about our polices. These policies describe how we work with our customers to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Option #1

Purchase a kitten that is currently posted on our web site. If we do not have kittens posted, or you are looking for a different size, sex, or color go to Option #2.

Not all kittens are posted on our website. Some kittens are sold to families that are on our Waiting List. (see Option #2)

  • We have no way of knowing how long a kitten will be available once posted. Sometimes our kittens sell before we have a chance to have the kitten listed on our website.
  • Many times there are several families that are interested in the same kitten.


Option #2 (Waiting List)

If you want a kitten that is of a specific Mom or Dad, sex,size or color ask to be on our Waiting List. To be on our Waiting List, we require a $250 deposit that is applied towards the purchase price of a kitten. There are advantages and disadvantages to this option.


  • You receive priority. We work with you to identify the type of kitten you want.
  • If you are considering both sexes (male & female), or you have several colors or sizes that you are interested in, one deposit, of $250, will put you on our Waiting List for all of your choices.
  • · When a kitten is 6-8 weeks old , we will evaluate the kitten for size, temperament and price the kitten, and take pictures of the kitten. Please do not ask us to take pictures prior to the kitten being evaluated,we have a photographer that takes pictures of our kittens and a webmaster that updates our site and we adjust to their availability.
  • After a kitten has been evaluated and we have determined that a kitten meets your specifications (size, sex, and color), we will notify you based on where you are on the Waiting List.
  • Once you are notified that a kitten has been evaluated and matches your specifications, we will email you pictures of the kitten and the kitten’s evaluation. Since we cannot hold kittens for an unlimited amount of time, you will have 48 hours to make a final decision. If we do not receive your decision within 48 hours, the kitten will be offered to the next person on our Waiting List or posted on our website as an available kitten. If you decide that you want the kitten, you can choose to have the kitten held for you by making a second deposit of $250 which is applied towards the purchase price of the kitten, or wait for another kitten to be born. Final payment is not due until the kitten is either picked up or until arrangements have been made for shipping.

If you are not able to make a final decision the kitten will be offered to the next family on our Waiting List, or posted on our website as an available kitten. You will not lose your spot on our Waiting List, but you will need to wait until the next kitten is born.

Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can only be applied towards the next available kitten. This is the only way that we can ensure that we are working with a family that is serious about adding a new bundle of joy to their life.


  • Our kittens receive their first vaccine when they are 7 weeks old. As a result, our kittens are not allowed personal visits until they are at least 8 weeks of age. There are absolutely no exceptions – please do not ask!
  • We will not hold a kitten longer than 2 weeks past the date that they are ready to go to their new home. If you need us to hold the kitten past the date that they are ready to go to their new home, the kitten must be paid for in full.

We have had many wonderful folks that opened their hearts and homes to our wonderful cats and we welcome your inquiries.Feel free to contact us.