Maine coon info

How do we contact you and arrange viewing of the kittens?

You can email us or call us and we can discuss the time that is suitable for us and for you. Please note that young kittens are very susceptible to various diseases and hence we do not show them to the potential new families until they get their first shots. This usually happens at around 7-8 weeks of age. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. After all, you do not want your kitten to get sick!

What are your cattery hours of operations, I want to come and choose a kitten and take a look at your cats.

Many people imagine a cattery as some business like setting, similar to a zoo, where one can walk around and look at cats and kittens and pick and choose a kitten. In our case our cattery is our home and we can’t always accommodate to what people think is appropriate. We do not have zoo like setting where a stranger can come in and play with our cats. We have our own routine and we have a strictly maintained virus and bacteria free environment.

We are very friendly and humble people, however we do not allow visiting until the babies are fully vaccinated and ready to face new people.

We do that to protect our kittens from different diseases that can be brought to our home by visitors, especially if those visitors have visited other cats or kittens.

Our theory is; if you are interested in offering a good loving home to one of our babies, you would be happy to follow our veterinarians safety protocol and vaccination schedule and if you don’t –then you will not be getting one of our babies. We never will jeopardize health of our kittens to please a potential buyer.

Our kittens are raised in the middle of everything and are very well socialized. We make sure that they know all kinds of household noises and they are very well accustomed to dogs. For us our cats and kittens are not a business, it’s a passion and we will do everything we can and beyond to give these fur babies a good start in life.


When do you update your website?  Who makes your pictures?


Unfortunately we are far from being so computer inclined. We have a webmaster and we have a photographer as well.


While our webmaster occasionally accepts new clients, our photographer is booked solid.


Usually when our kittens have had their vaccinations we invite the photographer to come and make their pictures. Then the photographer emails us the pictures and we email them to families that secured their place on the waiting list.


If we have kittens available after that, we email pictures to our webmaster and he updates our website.


That is how our website is maintained.


What is a difference between a poly Maine coon and a regular Maine coon?

Polydactyl means more toes, ordinary kitten will have 5 toes on the front paws and 4 in the hind legs, but poly will have more toes.

It is believed that at some point there were a lots of poly coons and they were considered better hunters and more intelligent than others, again I don’t know for a fact whether it’s true or not, I can however say that polys use their extra toes like thumbs and we love it. Our girl Talon is a poly and she does use those extra toes! In terms of health and well being there is absolutely no effect of health .So if you like those extra toes, you don’t have to be worried about health and well being of the kitten if he is a poly.

We like a certain male and a certain female, can we wait for a baby from those particular parents?

 We do not accept requests on couples. The reason is, we need to have the freedom of being able to decide which combination will benefit the breed better. Our main interest in mating is to produce better, bigger, healthier kittens than the parents, and out of that better mating we usually evaluate the kittens to see whether we should keep a certain kitty for our future breeding program. That being said, it doesn’t mean that we will not have kittens of certain colors or certain looks.

Why should I get a purebred Maine coon? Ordinary kittens are also fun to have and they are cheaper?

A well raised healthy beautiful purebred animal involves a lot of work of many people, who value a certain breed, there for you pay for what you get. If you don’t have to have a large cat, with beautiful lynx tips, square muzzle, big bushy tail and a dog-like personality ,health guarantee of a well bred and well raised Maine coon, than I would say ,no point adopting a Maine coon, any kitten can bring you joy of owning just a cat. However if you enjoy a massive cat with wild look and yet the most gentle personality I’m afraid you are hooked just like we are.

I live in a house with a fenced back yard; I would like to let my cat out? Isn’t it better for the cat? My cat wants to go outdoors. Should I let him?

No! So many cats are harmed or killed from being let outdoors. There are so many dangers, such as wild animals, dogs, other cats, vehicles, etc. There is also a chance of your kitty contacting diseases outdoors and also parasites. There is also a high chance of someone seeing your cat and taking him home. Other people will not take kindly to your cat using their yard as a litter box and may capture him and best case scenario takes him to the Humane Society. We highly recommend that you raise your cat indoors only! Your Maine coon should never be allowed to free roam. They are too trusting and do not have great outdoor skills. If left to wander they are at risk of RTA, theft, poisoning etc. Free roaming puts them at risk of contracting incurable, fatal diseases, such as FIV (similar to HIV in humans) and FeLV (feline infectious leukemia). Most Maine coons will live happily indoors, but if you do decide you wish your Maine coon to have outside access, it should always be supervised and into a secure garden or, better still, into a cat pen or purpose built enclosure. If you would like your kitten to be able to enjoy the sun and have access outside, we suggest you build an outdoor enclosure, with garden like setting, a few plants and a few shelves for your cat to enjoy. Ideally your kitten would have access to it from the house, however you can bring him out and let him stay in the outside enclosure for a few hours and take him back inside .That way he can get fresh air and some sunshine, enjoy his outside time and yet stay safe. We will not sell a kitten to anyone who intends to let the cat roam outside. It is not safe at all. These babies are raised with love and care and they will not be left to roam outdoors where many dangers will haunt them.

If I spay/neuter my cat will he/she become lazy and obese?

Maine coons are very active and playful cats. They have mischievous personalities and are always curious, they want to be a part of whatever it is that you are doing and will always keep that interest. Neutering and spaying will benefit them in several ways. Please ask your vets and research before deciding to adopt one of our babies. Besides everything else we do not leave it up to the new owners to decide. Our contract clearly states that the cat needs to be spayed /neutered before the age of 6 months. We reserve the right to spay /neuter any kitten prior to adoption.

Where do I buy food and supplies? How do I know that this is the best food and supplies?

As a general rule of thumb, we like to suggest buying what goes on their skin and in their mouth from a licensed veterinarian if possible. We feed our kittens medical development formula in canned and dry form. This brand is sold at any vet clinic across Canada and in some USA clinics.

Every province and country is different and unfortunately we are unable to give you an advice to what to feed, you are better off consulting your vet and asking what is the best food available in your area for Maine coons. Many vets are familiar and would be able to recommend.

If you have a problem, please send a list of foods you have available in your local pet store and I will be happy to ask our vets on your behalf and help you find the best food for your new baby.

Are you sure that dry food is better than raw? What should I feed my cat; I want him to be big?

Many people have asked us this question; we are unable to give you an advice. It will have to be your own decision. There are several factors that will be an issue with raw food. Do you have access to premium raw food? Do you have the time and means to make sure raw is defrosted in advance and doesn’t go bad in the dish.

Generally speaking it is a bit more complicated than dry food regimen.

How often do I need to brush the cat? What if he doesn’t like it?

Consistency is always the key, making brushing, bathing, nail clipping a fun and pleasant experience would get your cat more relaxed and willing.

I find that humming a song gets them to relax. I like to start by brushing, and they usually enjoy it so much that the stretch out and let you brush everywhere.

It is important to brush regularly, especially when they blow their first coat at 8-12 months old.

Is it true that Maine coons like water? Do they swim?

Generally Maine coons love to play in the water, they like to drink out of the faucets and quiet often come to shower with their owners.

I find that water fountains will keep them busy and entertained for hours.

They truly enjoy playing with water.

Do you show your cats? And why?

At this moment we are not showing for one sole reason, none of our cats enjoy it. We will be showing in the future, when we can show a cat with no stress for the cat himself. Although our cats have long line of champions in the pedigree, titles are not as important to us ,we are more interested in the “ Extreme look” or “Wild Look” .We believe in health testing and raising healthy ,typed Maine coons that look like they are out of place in a house, due to their size and looks.

I heard Maine coons do not mat. Is this true?

 Yes and No. Some Maine coons do mat a lot. Others only mat under the armpits or during coat changes due to seasonal changes in the weather. Others do not really mat at all. Although we do try to breed for coats that do not mat, there will be the occasional cat that grows up that will mat to some extent. Brushing your Maine coon once a week will help keep his/her coat in good condition.

I have allergies to cats and heard Maine coons are hypoallergenic. Is this true?

NO! There are plenty of myths about Maine coons and this particular one makes me the saddest. I hate to see a kitty re-homed because someone heard misinformation. If you have cat allergies, you will not likely be any less allergic to a Maine coon.

I heard Maine coons are all lap kitties. Is this true?

Not all Maine coons are lap kitties. They do, however, prefer to be with you and tend to follow their people from room to room. Many enjoy a good game of fetch with their people! They tend not to like to be shut out of a room you are in.

I heard males are much more affectionate than females. Is this true?

Each kitten, regardless of gender, has his or her own personality. You can’t really pin a prejudice on boys or girls. We’ve had both affectionate males and affectionate females. We’ve also had more independent males and more independent females. It’s best to go by the individual kitten’s personality!

I heard if I got a male kitten, he’ll spray. Is this true?

 No. It is very rare for a kitten that has been altered before 6 months to start spraying. This usually only occurs when a cat is altered as an adult and has already learned to mark his territory. Many people do not realize that female cats can spray as well. They, too, should be altered young.

Is it better to get two same sex kittens or a male and a female?

It really makes no difference. Although two cats may end up with personality differences, regardless of gender, most all will get along when introduced as kittens. An adult cat will adjust to a kitten, regardless of gender, a lot faster then it will to another adult.

My kittens coat, will it be fluffy?

Maine coons start off with their kitten coats and you may not see their longer, more of an adult coats until around the age of eight months. While each cats coats vary from cat to cat and some are longer or fuller then others, their coats can take some time to develop into a nice coat. Give it some more time!

Should I bathe my Maine coon?

While many owners never have to bathe their cats, you can bathe them about once a month. This keeps them used to the bathing routine just in case they ever need a bath and it will be much less of a hassle if they are used to bathing. This also will help remove some of the loose hair. Make sure they do not have any mats in their fur before their bath because water will make it much worse! Brush your kitty out well and then bathe. Be careful not to get any water in their ears or soap in their eyes.

Should I brush my cat’s teeth? If so, why?

Yes! Just like we need to brush our teeth to keep them healthy, our kitties depend on us to do the same for them. They can build up plaque and tooth decay just as we can. You should use a brush and paste made especially for pets. They also make little wipes to wipe down their teeth if that is easier for you and your kitties to use. That will help keep their teeth in good shape! Starting brushing their teeth early on is a good idea so they are used to it, but it’s never too late to get started! We have a couple cats that hate the procedure, so we take them to see the vet for dental 2 times a year instead of 1 time like everyone else.

Will my Maine coon cat scratch my furniture? Will getting my cat declawed help keep my furniture in good shape?

While we do everything possible to train our kittens to use a scratching post, the training does not stop with the breeder. You will need to continue working with your kitten at home. Providing multiple scratching posts and at least one climber with sisal rope is a good beginning. If you see your kitten scratching in an inappropriate area, pick the kitten up and place the paws on the scratching post. Most catch on rather quickly! Keep your kitten’s nails clipped and that will help as well. Declawing a cat is a criminal offence in many countries. Many people don’t understand what declawing means; it means that claws are removed along with a part of their toes. It is inhumane and cruel!Our cattery has a “no de-clawing” policy.

We will not sell our kittens to anyone who is planning to declaw. Please do not declaw! Please note that according to the contract you sign with us, you are not allowed to declaw the cat.


On No! My cat has gotten fleas. What should I do?

Even indoor kitties can get these little buggers because they can hop a ride on a person and invade your home. We use Revolution and it has worked well for us. You can get Revolution from your vet for your kitten’s/cats age. Keep in mind that whatever you use can cause a reaction. Just like with people, different cats can be sensitive to different medications. What works for one may not be good for another. Make sure you vacuum your home and furniture well. We only use flea medications as needed. We do not treat them monthly.

Should my Maine coon wear a collar?

While some of our kitty owners put collars on their kitties, we recommend not using them. If the collar is too large, it can get caught around their jaw and can also pose a hazard with hanging. Also, collars can come off and be lost. A collar can also wear down the fur at the bib.

What is HCM and SMA? What do you test your cats for?

HCM is a heart disease that can be found in ALL cats. Many breeders have been donating to research HCM in the Maine cat, hoping to find the gene/genes responsible for HCM in Maine coon. WSU has found one mutated gene that causes HCM in the Maine coon cat. We test every single cat we have for HCM and many other things .You can read about our health tests here.

What we do for our customers?

We will give you an opportunity to ask as many questions as you may have to make sure you make the right choice. We will answer all emails and calls; however, we appreciate calls after 11 AM and before 10 PM on weekdays and between 9AM and 9PM on weekends. Please understand that we have to work like you do. Although we try to respond within 24 hours sometimes we might experience a back log with emails. We will try to make the best match between you/your family and our kitten.

What do we do for our cats?

We are closed cattery which means none of our cats are allowed outdoors, however they have secure outdoor enclosure. We do not provide stud services to other catteries. Our kittens and cats are regularly checked by our veterinarian (we can provide phone number upon request). We do not keep boarding facilities in our cattery – if you return our kitten, we will gladly accept it and find a suitable home for them, however if you need temporary boarding for your kitten, we can provide addresses of kennels in our area which we used in the past. We do not use services of kennels ourselves for health reasons, in case we have to leave our cats; we hire professionals to stay with them.

What we provide with your kitten when you come to pick it up?

You will require a small carrier (please let us know ahead of time if you require us to purchase one for you). A written contract that you must sign regarding keeping the cat indoors, no de-clawing, providing regular vet checks and vaccinations, as well as providing nutritious food and care. We will provide a health certificate together with all shots and dates they were done. We do not administer vaccinations .Our veterinarian does and you will be getting all records from the vet clinic for your kitten. We will spay and neuter all kittens which go to pet homes, no exceptions. You will receive samples of food. We will provide some toys your kitten enjoys most to take home.

What age do you let your kittens go; we heard that kittens should be kept with the mother until 16-18 weeks old. Is that true?

We don’t have specific age, when we say all kittens are ready. Some are ready at 8-9 weeks and others are not ready at 14, it’s very individual. We reserve the right to keep a baby longer if we feel the kitten will benefit from the stay.

Do kittens know how to use the litter box?

All our kittens know how to use a litter box. However since they do not know the location of the new litter box in your house, they might need a little help. When you arrive home, make sure you kitten knows where the litter box is located. Sometimes it is helpful to place him in the litter box and scratch a little bit of litter – they will recognize the sound and decide to use it. If you saw your kitty use the litter box once, they usually have no problems in the future.

Please note we do not recommend automatic cleaning litter boxes as well as toilet training of your kitty at young age. You can however try to use them later when your kitten comfortably using litter box in your home.

We have a dog – how to introduce our new kitty?

Most of the Maine coon kittens however are pretty fearless of dogs and figure our quite fast that dogs are not food-they are friends. Just kidding.

I will answer this one with one word S L O W L Y. All our kittens are exposed to a dog. In fact we have 3 dogs .However your dog is different – so take it slowly. Keep kitten away from the dog for some time. It can takes weeks or months for timid kittens to get used to new dogs

What do we need to purchase to make our kitten happy in the new home?

Please click on the link here to read about what you need to purchase and how to prepare your home for a new baby.

Costs and quality

We have worked very hard at becoming a successful, professional, respected breeder exquisite wild looking Maine coons with excellent personality and strive to make your experience with us an enjoyable one. With many years of expertise in the field, we offer some of the world’s most sought after Maine coon kittens. We treat our customer with the same respect we would want and we treat all of our customers equally, famous or non famous. Our top priority is insuring our kittens are going to a loving stable home.

The price of each kitten depends on the quality of the kitten, gender, color and parentage. Our kittens are high end, top quality, well cared for, well socialized, good with children and other animals and also very affectionate all this is reflected in our prices. Please contact us for current pricing. Buyers pay shipping.

Special needs

The breed does not have any special needs, however they are best kept as an indoor cat. They are not very good as a fighting cat due to their gentle character, it is highly likely if your Maine coon meets up with one of the local strays that it will be able to defend itself, however can still get hurt pretty badly.

So keep your Maine coon inside, that way it will be safe and you will not have to worry about it.

Maine coons really do not care about space either, they are more interested in company and they enjoy watching television, and doing human things, where they can’t do human things they are simply happy to watch you and just look cute.

Do watch your computer; I have had them walk over my computer keyboard many times only to convert my computer into something I do not understand. You have to laugh it off.

They don’t seem to have any strange hang ups and any bad traits in their characters that you need to worry about.

The personality is different with each one, all mine have had their silly ways, antics dislikes and likes.

El Torro learned to love money and it’s not unusual to see him walk off with change or notes, we just put it down to that fact that he may have had a secret wish to be a banker. He tries to keep a private stash of keys and money under a couch.

Then there is Poison Kiss who has a thing about socks, she just walked around with a sock in her mouth here and there, clean or dirty as long as it was a sock she would be happy.

Iron Will is the quiet one, he would never hiss or complain about anything, he would just look at you and ask you for things in the cutest of meows, he always wants to drink water from the dragon fountain, because the water is always running he thinks it is fresh running water and instinct takes over.

Smudge face , well she would just flop and play dead if she was sulking .She would lay on the floor and flop right there and then in front of you .

I must say that all my cats enjoy to play fetch and return the ball to you it the funniest thing to see. So really they can be a lot of fun and entertaining.

There really is no need to worry about much when you allow a Maine coon into your life, as long as your kitten is well bred and raised and is healthy.